The Story of ELO

The story of ELO began when scientists, intrigued by the longevity villages in remote corners of the world, collected samples from the natural water sources in these villages for research. The study confirmed their hypothesis that water in its most natural form was ‘alive’ while the water piped into urban households had somehow lost its original state.

This led to years of research into water science, and the development of the proprietary technology that injects life back into water – as nature intended. ELO or ‘living water’ was born.

This original invention, coupled with strong engineering expertise, has since been stabilized and perfected. Today, ELO Water brings hope to city-dwellers looking to go back to nature without leaving the convenience of home. In recent years, more research is underway on the health-enhancing benefits of ELO Water to validate the numerous anecdotal testimonies of ELO Water consumers.

Leveraging on the power of ELO Water, we have invested into more scientific research and developed a range of products to bring holistic wellness back into your life!