ELO Drinking Water
ELO Drinking Water
ELO Drinking Water

ELO Drinking Water

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ELO Drinking Water is probably the only oxygen-rich water in the world that has proven health benefits through rigorous scientific and clinical testing. Its unique composition and qualities are backed by more than 10 years of water science. 

Published research data by Monash University, Australia demonstrates that ELO Water is able to increase blood oxygen level through oral consumption.

The revolutionary technology behind ELO Drinking Water allows a high level of oxygen to exist in a unique, stable and bound form. Unlike many types of oxygenated water available in the market, ELO Drinking Water is made without high pressure oxygenation methods.

Pure and additive-free, ELO Drinking Water is free from chlorine, fluoride and harmful chemicals.


ELO Drinking Water is suitable for both healthy and health-challenged people, and has the following properties:

  • High oxygen content
  • A pH of between 7.1 and 7.5
  • Natural minerals
  • Refreshing smooth taste
  • Preservative-free
  • Pure and additive-free

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