Since 2005, ELO Living has led the way in offering a diverse array of eco-friendly home lifestyle products, with a particular focus on water filtration solutions tailored for residential use. Our meticulously designed range ensures the purity of the water your family and you consume daily. As we continue to grow, we have expanded our product line to include other home lifestyle products, alongside serving hotels and service apartments. This expansion underscores our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for a healthier and more sustainable living environment.

With a dedicated local team providing prompt and quality service, our commitment to delivering top-notch water purification solutions remains unwavering.

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Deodoriser DO3

Introducing our cutting-edge Deodoriser DO3, a revolutionary device designed to transform the air quality and hygiene of your enclosed spaces. With USB charging for maximum convenience, this portable powerhouse offers a multitude of benefits to enhance your living environment.

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Countertop Ultrafiltration System S718

Experience unparalleled water purification with our cutting-edge Countertop Ultrafiltration System S718. This innovative system is designed to efficiently eliminate bacteria, algae, chlorine, heavy metals, and other visible particles from your water supply, ensuring you and your family enjoy the cleanest, freshest water possible.

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