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ELO Intense O2 Moisturiser provides your skin with essential oxygen and deep moisture for a fresh firm look that lasts for hours.

Exceptional Non-greasy Moisturising Effect

This luscious, oxygen-rich cream never feels greasy while leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. The oxygen content promotes rapid absorption of the active ingredients for long-lasting hydration and perfectly soft skin. Great with foundation and powder, our formulation adds a natural, inner skin radiance that enhances your make-up. 

Oxygen-Rich Formulation

Featuring ELO’s unique oxygen-rich formulation, this lightweight moisturiser protects and revitalises your skin. Its lightweight, silky and oil-free texture is easy to apply, leaving a smooth dewy finish with long-lasting hydration. Unlock your inner radiance with ELO Intense O2 Moisturiser.


  • Contains oxygen-rich ELO Water
  • Provides skin with essential oxygen to promote healthy skin
  • Provides a refreshing texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin without lingering stickiness